I canít help to have you on my mind
Itís time I tell you why

You are moonlight in my night sky
You are the girl who makes me nice guy
I donít mean to feel this way again
But when itís meant to be I have to give in

Here we are and here we go
Dive head first go with the flow
No seatbelt needed no
No safety net below

Donít you stop no donít you let go
My every instinct thrown out the window
Open your box you gave me your heart
All my wounds have healed but you can still lick these scars

You make everyday feel like Halloween

Girl of my dreams
I think itís plain to see

Iím your Jack youíre my Sally

Lyrics written by BillY (c)2011 World Renowned Pub.(ASCAP)

Lyrics reprinted by permission.




you know who you are