We ran out of things to give
Came to a dead end
Drove it so high in the clouds
Nowhere to go but down

There is no easy way when minutes feel like days
What am I suppose to do when all I think is you

What it all means
Nothing’s as it seems

So this is goodbye
It’s just plain to see
So this is goodbye
We weren’t meant to be

We ran out of nice things to say
Seems the good times don’t mean a thing
This sinking feeling clouds my day
Why did you have to go away

Sleep is so hard to catch in this empty bed
Something’s missing too I guess that something’s you

Still you cross my mind
Can’t go back in time
It’s just the way it has to be
Lyrics written by BillY (c)2011 World Renowned Pub.(ASCAP)

Lyrics reprinted by permission.