Free free free
When will we be

Free of addiction
Free of restriction
Free of religion
Free of division
Free of incisions
Free of the missions
Free of suspicion
Free of tradition

Free of gods with flaws
Free of useless laws

When will we, when will we
When will we be yeah free
When’s enough enough
And what’s it gonna take
To be free, to be free

To do what I want
With who I want
To do what I want
When I want, when will we be free free

Free free free
When will we be

Free of salvation
Free of starvation
Free of inflation
Free of invasion
Free of conviction
Free of infliction
Free of suppression
Free of aggression

Free of government
Free of corruption

Get me free from drunken cowards out to fuck us
Free from those in power no one can trust
Free from the wings ‘cause all of them wrong
Kill all politicians everyone gets along

I didn’t deceive I think you will agree
It’s not hard to believe ‘cause you know we need to be

When will we be

Free from the asshole bastards who don’t give a damn
Free from the goddamn lobbyists sucking off Uncle Sam

When is enough enough
What’s it gonna take to be

Free free free
When will we be
Lyrics written by BillY (c)2011 World Renowned Pub.(ASCAP)

Lyrics reprinted by permission.




2 wrongs may not make a right but 2 negatives do make a positive