On and on we wrote this song

So many times so many wrongs

How could things get this way

It's worse today than yesterday


On and on they shift the blame

Destroy the cure ignore the plague

Monkeys rallied with a catch phrase

Hell On Earth is here to stay


All and all it's time to drown

What goes up must come down

So many with not enough

To few with way too much


Everyone in a herd

Hit the window like a bird

If they only had a brain

They would know who's to blame


We're all at Fault

We all are


Cause there's too many like you

Too many like you all


On and on the past replays

Dj vu everyday

How can so many be blind

They wear a watch but can't tell time


The more that things seem to change

The more they really stay the same

Nothings left it's blown away

So who's to blame, whos to blame


We all are

Lyrics written by BillY (c)2011 World Renowned Pub.(ASCAP)

Lyrics reprinted by permission.




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